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About Palmer Drug Abuse Program

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (or PDAP...pronounced "Puh-Dap") provides people tools to successfully prevent substance abuse, delay its onset, or reduce substance abuse-related behaviors.

Young people today are faced with an increasing amount of opportunities to abuse alcohol and/or drugs
and fewer opportunities for drug-free social interactions.

PDAP provides a positive, safe place where teenagers can feel they belong, share their struggles, and
talk to counselors. Teenagers and young adults are encouraged to come to PDAP when they are not in school or work.
While at PDAP, they can socialize in a non-threatening, sober environment.

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Here are some helpful links to find out more information about drug and alcohol abuse, and the treatment services available to help live a sober life.


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All of our services are FREE and the primary requirement for membership is the desire to live a chemical-free life.

Let's work together. Who We Are & What We Do

Take some time to learn about the history of PDAP and how we approach the recovery process. This simple yet successful concept has produced thousands of success stories, with countless more yet to come. What started in Houston has spread to several Texas cities, as well as California, New Mexico and Oklahoma. From drugs to freedom...PDAP works wonders!

Our Team Members

We are the shield that will help protect you. We believe that you have the power to change.
Nadia Ochoa
Executive Director
Gloria Saenz
Recovery Counselor - Director of Programs
Joel Morales
Program Operations Supervisor

PDAP is always looking for volunteers to help out during our community and fundraising events.

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Without the help of donations from our sponsors and individual members of the community, PDAP wouldn't be able to provide the services necessary to help people live a drug free life.

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We appreciate all your donations and every cent helps us continue the work we do to help people recover from drug abuse.

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E.S. AGE 28
I have been devastated with drug addiction for the past 12 years of my life. After being consecutively broken throughout the years, I found myself utterly hopeless. It was at this time that I desperately reached out for one last attempt, and I found PDAP (Palmer Drug Abuse Program). Through working their program and attending their meetings, I have found hope for the first time in my life. I now have 7 months sober and a renewed sense for life. Thank you PDAP, I am eternally grateful.

E.S. AGE 28