There are two primary symbols PDAP uses to acknowledge sobriety and family involvement.

Teenagers and adults involved in the PDAP recovery groups receive a "Monkey Fist" for 30 days of continuous sobriety.

Parents receive the "Parents Heart" for participation in PDAP family group session after 30 days.

The "Monkey Fist" is a mariner's knot used by ships to help them dock.  A baseball sized knot with lines attached is thrown from the ship to the dock, the first contact the ship has with land.  The crew on shore catches the knot, secures the line to the dock and pulls the ship to shore.  At PDAP we have adopted this as a symbol representing our sobriety as we are being pulled in from the sea of drugs and alcohol.  The fist symbolizes first contact to solid ground, with the group symbolizing the crew that pulls the newcomer safely to shore.  Traditionally, the small leather monkey fist is suspended on a leather cord around the PDAPer's neck. This symbol also serves as the PDAP logo.

The Johnson Institute reports that if a family is involved in a recovery program then the users have an 80% higher chance of success than those who do not have family involved. In the PDAP Family Group, the symbol for program participation is the Parent's Heart. The heart is made from carved wood and is also suspended on a leather thong. Embossed on the heart is a Monkey Fist symbolizing the drug abuser who lives in each PDAP parent's heart.