REBOS is "SOBER" spelled backwards. These are several activities that PDAP has every Friday and on weekends to provide drug-free social activities and to encourage our clients to live a sober life.

We encourage our clients to come and "hang-out" at PDAP with other drug free members instead of being out where they can be tempted to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.

We plan several activities to keep our clients entertained that may include...

  • Movie nights
  • Karaoke nights
  • Hangouts
  • Having a barbecue
  • Going to watch
  • Killer Bees hockey or Vipers basketball games
  • playing basketball or volleyball
  • Going on nature hikes
  • Ice Skating
  • Playing pool or ping pong
  • Trips to the beach

The last Thursday of each month is when we celebrate all the birthdays for that month as well as hand out the Monkey Fist for anyone who has completed their first 30 days of sobriety.

After School Program- After School Program was started in 2017 with a Community Impact Grant we received from United Way to better serve our Younger Group program. We observed the need within our younger group clients for a safe haven after school. A place where they can receive help with homework, food to eat and develop new skills. Our program provides all this, and one to one counseling as needed for their addiction issues. It is a great combination of help for our clients to receive all this extra help here at PDAP. Of course, since it is a PDAP program it is free to the public! Please call our office at (956) 687-7714 for more information.